Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   What is the Foundation?

A:   The Foundation offers a variety of investment opportunities with the United Methodist Foundation (all options are socially responsible) and with Davidson Trust Company (a Montana owned investment firm).

Q:   Do church and agency investments need to be endowed?

A:   NO, the Yellowstone Conference investment opportunities with the United Methodist Foundation and Davidson Trust do not require that the funds be endowed.

Q:   Who may invest with our Foundation?

A:   Any church or agency within the Yellowstone Conference.  There is a minimum amount required for both investment firms. The Foundations invests with two firms.

Both firms have several asset allocation opportunities ranging from very conservative to moderate growth or aggressive growth.

Q:   Can we expect confidentiality when working with the Foundation?

A:   YES, with the creation of the Patriot Act, there is no financial disclosure to anyone unless you specifically have a confidential waiver on file.